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Published on 27 Mar 2023 by Gail Henderson

Organising and managing multiple subscriptions can become a spaghetti junction unless you get on top of it and create a logical management structure in Azure.

This article from Microsoft starts you in the right direction: Microsoft Azure Manage S

Published on 22 Aug 2022 by Gail Henderson

Understanding the utilisation ratios of equipment and machinery is a critical part of an organisations financial management and helps with:

  • Making better Capex decisions
  • Keeping management and shareholders informed about the efficiencies of the com
Published on 22 Aug 2022 by Gail Henderson

Using tried and tested development tools, Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and cloud-hosting platforms cuts down the cost of bespoke software development considerably.

It can also be a pleasure for software developers to be able to produce a

Published on 23 Jun 2022 by Gail Henderson

This article by Mozilla offers an easy introduction to Progressive Web Apps.

Mozilla Developer PWAs

There are some key principles a web app should try to observe to be identified as a PWA. It should be:

Published on 11 Jan 2022 by Gail Henderson

Using different systems for managing contacts and messages can be quite time consuming so it is good news that there is a way to extract LinkedIn contacts and messages into a useable .csv format.

If you want a quick view in list format of all the mess

Published on 27 Jun 2021 by Gail Henderson

EDATE is a useful function on Excel which allows you to find the same date as the data in which you entered, but for a specified month in the past or future. For example, if you give the formula cell B1 which contains the date 20/01/2020 and ask f

Published on 13 May 2021 by Joanne Hepburn

The EOMONTH function is a useful Excel function to know. The purpose of it is to easily identify the last date of a specified month.  The formula for this is EOMONTH(start date, how many months before/after). If the month you are looking for

Published on 09 Apr 2021 by Joanna Hepburn

INDEX and MATCH are two functions on Excel which can be used together for a similar purpose as VLOOKUP, however they allow you to search anywhere in the data set. Together, these functions allow you to find the location of the cell you are looking

Published on 08 Apr 2021 by Joanna Hepburn

PROPER is a handy function within Excel which allows you to neaten up data sets by capitalising the first letter of a word and converting the following letters to lowercase. The formula for this is =PROPER(cell to be neatened), e.g., in the exampl

Published on 07 Apr 2021 by Joanna Hepburn