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  • Driving lessons are back in Scotland on 26th April

Driving schools are one of the businesses hit hard by the lockdown rules in 2020/21.   Understandably,  it is hard to keep social distancing in a driving lesson and the instructor can’t just sit in the backseat.

Driving schools will be opening on 26th April, which is great news for driving students who have missed their opportunity to get their licence in the last year.

John Fegan, owner of Choice Driving School in Inverness, has been using his time positively over the last few months by preparing a good business model which maximises on intensive driving courses for students who he knows will be keen to get their driving license as soon as rules allow.

It seems that John’s predictions have been right, and this business model is proving to be a huge success with bookings flooding in for the intensive course option.

John sought help from Rob Henderson at to work on his website.  Together they have been developing a web portfolio that sends a clear and simple message that intensive driving lessons are a great way to get on the road competently, safely and within a very desirable timeframe.


Published on 22 Apr 2021 by Gail Henderson

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