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DEV4 Online

DEV4 Online have been delivering software solutions from design through deployment across a diverse range of environments since 2004.

With Clients and projects both locally & internationally, we specialise in offering technical services and direction to small and medium sized organisations across multi-disciplined industries.

We have extensive engineering systems experience particularly within the Oil & Gas sector. We've also provided solutions in areas such as financial, quality assurance, logistical, inventory control and human resources among others.

We work alongside a wide range of Clients across many different industry sectors. From bespoke to off the shelf offerings, we have assisted many businesses resolve, create and plan for future growth.

DEV4 Global Client Base

United kingdom | USA | Germany | Hungary | Romania | Poland | The Netherlands | Greece | Denmark

DEV4 Global Client Base.

Team Profiles

Rob Henderson
Technical Director

Gail Henderson
Business Analyst

Marius Petrovan
Senior Software Developer

Janos Mudri
Senior Software Developer

Fabio Rondina
Software Developer

Confidentiality & Your IP

We Respect Your Confidentiality Concerns

We understand the importance of protecting your business knowledge.

We regularly operate within a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) framework on Client projects. You can rely on our integrity whilst working or discussing your confidential processes and concepts.

Future functional & physical Intellectual Property (IP) ownership, unless otherwise agreed, remains with the Client. If required, all project documentation including any source code will be transferred to your safekeeping.

You remain in control at all times

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